Activate Capital is an innovative development finance business, focused on lending to residential developers in Ireland.

Activate Capital is an Irish business committed to economic growth and employment in Ireland. We are fortunate to benefit from strong and significant financial backing, with the Ireland Strategic Investment Fund (“ISIF“) and KKR together committing €500m of long-term capital to our business.

We share many ambitions with our customers:

  • Rebuilding activity in the Irish housing sector.

  • Delivering high quality, affordable homes in meaningful volumes.

  • Driving success through long-term partnerships and repeat business.

  • Pursuing a model of sustainable development.


KKR was founded in 1976 and is a leading global investment firm with in excess of US$140bn of assets under management. The firm operates from 20 locations internationally, employing 52 people at its office in Dublin.

ISIF is a sovereign development fund, established in 2014, with a dual mandate of investment return and Irish economic impact. The total fund is currently €7.9bn.