Activate Capital is delivering an innovative lending model for the home building market, which has been designed for maximum impact. Our offering is clear and our approach is to reward ambitious vision with a smoother, shorter approval process that ensures certainty of delivery for our customers.

Delivering Maximum Impact

We back home builders with established track records on sites in urban locations, including Dublin, the Greater Dublin Area, Cork, Limerick and Galway.

Rewarding Ambitious Vision

We reward ambition by providing the capital required to initiate development projects, as well as visibility on future capital availability to build pipeline.

Enabling a Shorter Process

Activate Capital’s efficient approval framework means we are able to provide early and consistent feedback to our customers on residential development opportunities.

Providing Predictable Funding

Our loan criteria are clear and consistent. We can finance the development of housing schemes, as well as multi-family accommodation. We lend to zoned land opportunities and to schemes with “ready-to-go” planning. We normally provide loan terms of between 24 and 60 months.